Final Nature Blog Entry: Wilderness and Diversity

1. To me wilderness is a place in nature where there are all different types of wild things. There could be animals, plants or anything natural. There are many different types of sounds from animals, the wind, and trees. The wilderness is and untouched place that is outdoors and brings freedom into the world. The wilderness is a diverse place that is vast and beautiful. I think of wilderness as a place in the middle of the forest or on top of a mountain. Wilderness may be a place that may be a little bit of a challenge to get to. Yes, nature is everywhere but wilderness is were we find it. Everyone’s perception of wilderness could be a little different or a lot different but most everyone has their own way of viewing the wilderness and what it is like.
2. My view of wilderness is a place where I have to explore in order to find it such as hiking a mountain, or exploring the woods until I find my favorite spot. Even walking out my back yard into the woods with my dog and leasing to a beautiful view of the marsh. The wilderness is what you make of it. Skiing on the mountains is one of my most enjoyed times in the wilderness as well as surfing in the sunrise and sunset on the beaches. I view wilderness this way because this is how I have viewed it growing up and the activities I participated in that made me love being out in the wilderness.

^ This video just shows what it is like to ski in Maine and my view on wilderness from skiing in Maine all my life.
3. A young boy who I babysat growing up has quite a different view about the wilderness than me. This boy is in middle school and is blind and now recently deaf. Zach is quite the amazing kid he is very smart and talented. Every since he was very young his favorite activities were outside in the wilderness (so he called it). Zach enjoyed jumping on his trampoline and listening to the wind and the animals surrounding him in the forest. He then took up his favorite hobby, skiing, Zach became obsessed with skiing and would go at least twice a week all winter long. He would go to our local mountain Sunday River in Bethel Maine. He would ski with the handicapped ski program and he was amazing. He was a great skier and he felt so strong and powerful on that mountain. Zach did not let his handicap get in the way of his time in the wilderness. Although he has recently lost his hearing he still enjoys the mountains as much as always. When Zach is out there he can feel everything around him and he feels happy and forgets about his problems.

^This video shows what it is like to be a blind skiier, and how their view is on wilderness. This is how Zach views the wilderness.

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How Nature is portrayed in Pop Culture

One huge way nature is portrayed in Pop culture is through commercials. Food commercials are a big part of the way nature is viewed in certain food items. Take for example the sun chip commercial they discuss how they use natural ingredients and  how they now have decompostable bags to help the world become greener. Nature valley granola bars also dicuss using all natural ingredients for a great snack while you are out in nature. Kashi’s commercials talk about searching for all the best ingredients in nature and using them to make a natural yet tasty snack. Kashi commercials talk about how when you eat the nature products your making a change for the better in your life.

Nature is portrayed in car commercials as well. For example the toyota prius commercial shows the world becoming more green as there are more people driving prius’. In the commercial it says,  “Harmony between man nature and machine”. This commercial leads viewers to believe that if they drive a prius they are helping the environment which is true.

In all of these commercials nature is is used as a positive example of what ever item is being portrayed. The intended audience for these commercials would be Eco-friendly, and all natural people. I feel like the use of nature makes the commercial more believing that these products are natural. Also in all of these commercials there are green trees beautiful pieces of the wilderness, mountains, lakes, and sky. The visual aspect is what draws the audience into the commercial.

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College Woods

The experience I had in college woods was very rewarding ang enjoyable. During my time in college woods I walked untill i heard the water from the river. Then I found a nice rock in the sun where I could sit and reflect where i could see the water and everything else that I wanted to see. I felt at peace here pn this rock by myself. I felt very relaxed and like the time had stopped. I was very observant in noticing things that I do not usually have the time or the patience to notice. I was very relaxed and was not thinking of anything besides wild and the nature. I loved this activity. The words i could use to describe my time in the woods would be nature, wild, colors, sounds, movement, and peaceful.

I was surprised by all the things that I could see, hear and feel. I closed my eyes and just listened for a while. There were so many different kinds of noises, Even the slightest noise was obvious when I shut my eyes. Obviously there was endless things to see but I saw a lot more when I was actually looking for things. There were things that I felt without moving a muscle. Things like the cold rock and the breeze and sun.

Overall this experience was very fun and exciting. I really enjoyed being in college woods and observing what was around me. I think this experience really helped me to think about nature and how important it is.

This is a video of some sounds in the forrest.


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Conservationist vs. Preservationist

I would consider myself a conservationist because I believe that it is very important to utilize nature and our natural resources. Nature is here for us to use so we should use it for our resources. If we did not use nature for many of our resources then we would have a lack of resources in the world. I think it is important to use our resources but also regulate this so that we will have these resources forever. These resources could be used for many different things in the world. I believe that solar and wind energy are very important as well as oil. In the future we will need these resources even more to help the world stay healthy enough to preserve itself.

Preservationists believe that nature should be preserved and not used for anything besides admiring. Preservationists are concerned in protecting nature from any use because that’s not what its there for. Nature should be protected to some point but a preservationist is an extreme because they do not use nature for any of its important aspects.

Both Gifford Pinchot and John Muir were famous advocates of conserving and preserving nature. Gifford Pinchot is a conservationist and he believes it was important for people to live off of the resources in nature. John Muir on the other hand is an avid preservationist whom believes it is very important to leave nature untouched for others to look at and enjoy. In Olmsted’s writings it stated “ Preservation should preclude natural scenic landscape from becoming private property.”



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Wilderness and nature

One may ask what wilderness is to me? To me wilderness is a place where there all all different types of wild things. There could be animals, plants or anything natural. There are many different types of sounds from animals, the wind, and trees. In the wilderness there are many earth tone colors. The sun and clouds change the the lights reflecting of the trees and the mountains. Things in the wilderness move slow and fast. The wilderness is and untouched place that is outdoors and brings freedom into the world. The wilderness is a diverse place that is vast and beautiful.

One may ask what nature is to me? Nature to me is a group of things that originated on earth and have been on earth for many years. Nature is everywhere. In nature there is growth and habitat. Nature is peaceful and organic. Nature is unprocessed and peaceful. Nature is underneath us and above us at all times. The world is made up of things that were natural at one time. And nature will be around us forever.

I took theses photos on Gore Mountain in High Winds NY

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