Conservationist vs. Preservationist

I would consider myself a conservationist because I believe that it is very important to utilize nature and our natural resources. Nature is here for us to use so we should use it for our resources. If we did not use nature for many of our resources then we would have a lack of resources in the world. I think it is important to use our resources but also regulate this so that we will have these resources forever. These resources could be used for many different things in the world. I believe that solar and wind energy are very important as well as oil. In the future we will need these resources even more to help the world stay healthy enough to preserve itself.

Preservationists believe that nature should be preserved and not used for anything besides admiring. Preservationists are concerned in protecting nature from any use because that’s not what its there for. Nature should be protected to some point but a preservationist is an extreme because they do not use nature for any of its important aspects.

Both Gifford Pinchot and John Muir were famous advocates of conserving and preserving nature. Gifford Pinchot is a conservationist and he believes it was important for people to live off of the resources in nature. John Muir on the other hand is an avid preservationist whom believes it is very important to leave nature untouched for others to look at and enjoy. In Olmsted’s writings it stated “ Preservation should preclude natural scenic landscape from becoming private property.”




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I love to be outdoors and go on adventures to places I love or places i have never gone before. I love to snowboard and surf and run.
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